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The Top 20 Bar Games

Posted by CornholeMarketing on Thu, May 9, 2013 @ 9:30 PM

20. Photo Hunt:  If you have not invested at least a few hours into this game then you haven’t spent much time in real dive bars.  Drinks and finding discontiguous items between two images.  Classic game for any drink!


18. Big Game Hunter: Regardless if you are a city slicker or country bumpkin, Big Game Hunter provides hours of death-driven fun.  Wild animal death! Having never hunted it gives me that ‘kill-without-killing’ release.  I imagine if you are a hunter it’s just a way to pass the time between hunts.  What drink goes well with blood?


16. Pac-Man: There was this dirty little strip joint in Philly called the Full Moon Saloon.  For $5 you got admission plus a ticket for a can of beer.  And the Pac-Man machine was set on high speed.  Glorious!  Have a scotch!


14. Moon Patrol: Driving an exotic, make-believe off-road vehicle is awesome fun.  Driving that same vehicle on the moon... sweet baby jesus on fire!  The moon is made of cheese so have some red wine!


12. Pop-A-Shot: I don’t care if you are a basketball player or a midget in pumps.  Throw some tiny balls into the tiny hoop, watch your missed shots roll back on the shitty tarp and have a good time with it.  Drink 8 beers.


10. Video Poker: It’s called practice.  What you talkin bout practice?  You can’t become pro unless you practice.  Now go practice and don’t drink because this is serious.


8. Ping Pong: Yes. Skill + Hand Eye Coordination + Agility + 4 Beers = The Perfect Storm.  All the same ingredients plus 4.5 beers = disaster.  What happened amigo?  Have another and challenge the guy singing along with Mmm-Bop.


6. Bubble Hockey:  My favorite guy is the winger with the really long stick.  What? You think that means something about my sexuality?  Ok it does.


4. Pool: Didn’t Tom Cruise make a shitty movie about a pool player named Vince who actually had sex with an attractive female.  Hello fiction.  But classic, nonetheless.


2. Beer Pong: The least hygenic of the games on the list, somehow it remains a winner.  If the game were called ‘Dip A Ball Into Your Beer And Pass It To Your Friend.  Repeat’ nobody would ever play.  Gamify the shit out of the same situation.  I’m up next!


1. Cornhole: this up and coming bar game is taking saturday afternoons by storm.  Let’s throw some sacks into a hole and stand around drinking beer meanwhile.  It’s exercise, right baby?  Cornhole tournaments seem to be popping up everywhere and it is kind of addicting.  Until an old lady and her 9 year old nephew knock you out of the cornhole tournament.

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Hosting A Cornhole League Or Cornhole Tournament

Posted by CornholeMarketing on Sun, Mar 10, 2013 @ 7:09 PM

US Marines Cornhole Board

Why would you host a cornhole league or cornhole tournament at your bar?

Ever see the 80’s sitcom Cheers?  For those who couldn’t afford electricity or weren’t born yet I’ll bless you with a recap.  The show revolved around the quirky antics of a lovable gang of social-misfit-regulars at a local watering hole named Cheers.  Located in downtown Boston the show is anchored by Sam Malone, a former baseball pitcher and a recovering alcoholic.  Sam is surrounded by zany bartenders, an egotistical psychologist, a neurotic sociology student and a host of regulars.  Viewers connected emotionally and supported the show for years and set some viewership records. 

How does this apply to hosting a cornhole league at your bar?  Hold tight it’s coming.

I consider myself a sitcom expert having started watching early and often, from Gilligan Island and Brady Bunch reruns to Seinfeld and 30 Rock.  Some are innovative but some just stick to what works.  Cheers stuck to what worked.   That tried-and-true, laugh-track-driven arc.  But why did it work?

The shows creators built the thing we are all looking for in life: community.  Everyone who tuned into an episode wanted to be a regular (and kind of thought they were) at Cheers.

Community is a huge driver for why people socialize, participate and engage with one another.  Just having booze and a great location will pay the bills.  But creating that interactive dynamic, the stickiness that makes people feel connected to a place, is what makes a bar last for generations.

We, at CornholeAce, have found that bars have been able to create or improve their community by hosting games for bars at their establishments.  And Cornhole Tournaments or Cornhole Leagues is a low-cost way to do just that. 

Why?  For many reasons.  People are willing to socialize around cornhole in a way that other events just don’t allow.  For example:

●      The perception of a low barrier to entry.  Who can’t throw a cornhole bag?  Unless you don’t have arms you have no excuse.

●      It’s fun to watch.  Even if you aren’t playing you can participate by watching.  It’s always fun to watch someone drain a shot.  And it’s always fun to watch someone completely miss the board.

●      Cornhole bags don’t hurt.  Darts do.

●      Cornhole tournaments are increasing in popularity. 

●      Cornhole leagues can last all year.  During nice weather it can be played outdoors attracting passing drivers.  During inclement weather it can easily be brought indoors.

●      Cornhole tournaments are a great fundraiser.  Getting the media to cover a cornhole fundraising event brings positive exposure to your establishment.


If you are interested in how to build an engaged community you can read this blog post.



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